INTRO-Laser cutting training | 先容-激光切割培训

激光技术 | 2018-09-08 23:56

learn the basics!

Want to learn how to use XinFabs laser cutting machine and start creating?

Join us to this?introduction?training next?Friday the?14th?of September, and learn the basics on how to laser cut and engrave, save your files and set up the machine.

Things you should bring

  • Laptop and charger

  • Install previously Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 in your computer:?DOWNLOAD THE TRIAL HERE

  • Mouse (though not necessary, will make it easier when working with Illustrator)

  • USB

  • Your passion, curiosity and questions

Course duration and schedule

3hrs workshop 10:00-13:00

PART 1 (1hr)

  • Short intro to Adobe Illustrator

  • We will provide you a template in .Ai to work with

  • Personalize your template

  • How to save your file and prepare it for laser cutting

PART 2 (2hrs)

  • Intro to Laser cuttting

  • Learn how XinFab laser cutter works

  • Cut and engrave: we will do both tasks so that you learn how to do it by yourself


  • 250RMB (WECHAT? 260RMB)

Extra info

  • Course taught in English

  • Minimum quorum to open the course: 3 students

  • Sign up deadline: 13th September (morning)

  • Includes material for tests

This training is designed to teach you the basics of how to use the laser cutting machine so that you can come to work to XinFab and DIY. We will mainly focus on the practical side of using the equipment rather than the design aspect.

This is a great beginning in using the machine for everyone who wants to become a new XinFabber!

What:?INTRO-Laser cutting training | 先容-激光切割培训

When:?Friday, 14 September @ 10:00 am

Where:?Xinfab - Wuding West Rd. 1288, Room 302, DoArt Space, Jingan District?| Xinfab-静安区武定西路1288号302, DoArt?Space

How to join:?250RMB (260RMB on wechat*)


**Dont forget to indicate your name!**


Scan the QR code below and proceed to payment via our Wechat shop (youll need to fill out your address, but dont worry, we wont send any drones there)



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  • 计算机和充电器

  • 在计算机中安装以前的Adobe Illustrator CC 2018:DOWNLOAD THE TRIAL HERE

  • 鼠标(虽然没有必要,但在使用Illustrator时会更容易)

  • USB

  • 你的热情,好奇心和疑问




  • Adobe Illustrator概况

  • 大家将为您提供.Ai中的模板

  • 个性化您的模板

  • 如何保存文件并准备激光切割


  • 激光切割先容

  • 了解XinFab激光切割机的工作原理

  • 切割和雕刻:大家将完成这两项任务,以便您自己学习如何做到这一点


250元(WECHAT 260RMB)


  • 课程用英语授课

  • 开设课程的最低法定人数:3名学生

  • 报名截止日期:9月13日 (早上)

  • 包括测试材料

本培训旨在向您先容如何使用激光切割机的基本常识,以便您可以来到XinFab和DIY工作。 大家将主要关注使用设备的实际方面而不是设计方面。


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